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      • 産品詳細

      設備名稱 Equipment Name

      全自動智能工廠  Smart Factory

      設備用途 EquipmentApplication 

      Replace manual transportation of cassettes, information can be intelligent interaction and resources are controlled intelligently, which realize automatic production of entire production line and intelligent management of the whole plant.

      技術特點 Features

      1. 各工藝主機上下片均采用在線自動化設備。
      The loading/unloading of each processing equipment equipped with inline automation equipment. 

      2. 各工藝段AGV移動機器⼈和自動化對接後采用皮帶傳輸的方式傳送片籃。 
      With belt transfer the cassette after AGV docking with the automation equipment in each process. 

      3. AGV移動機器人采用知名品牌AGV底盤結合CHINA SC獨特的片籃皮帶傳輸軌道設計,使得軌道具有自動調整功能。
      AGV adopts well-known AGV base combined with S.C unique cassette belt transfer track design, which enables the automatic adjustment function of the track.

      4. 各工序在線自動化設備均有完善的在線質量檢測系統。

      With perfect inline quality detection system in each inline automation equipment.

      5. AGV移動機器人、在線自動化設備均有快速人工幹預措施。
      Both the AGV and inline automation equipment with fast manual intervention measures. 

      6. 采用CHINA SC定制MES系統,資源實時管控智能調度,設備利用率高,産能損失小。
      With S.C customized MES system to enable real-time control and intelligent scheduling of the resources, achieves high utilization of the equipment and low capacity loss.

      7. 具有良好的可拓展性,可根據需要進行産能及功能拓展。
      Better scalability,available for throughput and function scalability according to customer's requirements.

      設備參數  Parameters