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        • 産品詳細

        設備名稱 Equipment Name

        全自動石英舟裝卸片機  Automatic Wafer Handling System for DOA Equipment

        設備型號 Equipment Model

        SYZ-V / SYZ-VI

        設備用途 Equipment Usage

        Integrated wafer loading& unloading, unloading the wafers from the quartz boat to the cassette or loading the wafers from the cassette to the quartz boat. Available for double back-to-back wafers in one slot which realize single side diffusion or available for single wafer in a slot for double-side diffusion. With continuous wafer loading&unloading can guarantee the continuous production . Or be used only for wafer loading or unloading is also available.


        技術特點  Features

        1. 采用進口六軸機械⼿裝卸片,確保硅片取放高可靠性。
        With imported six-axis lift to load/unload and ensures high reliability of picking and placing of wafers.

        2. HMI采用(IPC)工業計算機運行上位軟件,通過網絡通訊實現⾼速數據交互。
        With IPC to running master computer software in HMI, high speed data interaction can be realized by network communication.

        3. 采用工業相機CCD檢測石英舟動態位置實現糾偏定位。
        With CCD industrial camera to detect dynamic location of quartz boat , which can realize deviation rectification and positioning.

        4. 卸片前設有冷卻系統,可防止因高溫帶來對硅片和設備的不良影響。
        With cooling system before the unloading process, which can avoid any harmful effect on the wafers and equipment caused by high temperature.

        5. CCD影像預判舟內硅片狀況結合機械臂各吸盤吸取狀態實現漏吸與掉片檢測。(選配,標准機型⽆此功能)
        CCD images show the wafers condition inside the quartz boat, combine with the gripping status of each gripper can realize mis-gripping and wafer dropping detection (optional, standard equipment without this function).

        6. CCD圖像分析判斷陶瓷頂齒區域碎片。(選配,標准機型無此功能)
        CCD images analyze the broken wafers in ceramic comb area.(optional).

        7. 可選配MES功能;可選配方阻檢測模組;可選配AGV。 

        MES function, sheet resistance detection and AGV, optional.


        設備參數  Parameters

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