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      • 産品詳細

      設備名稱 Equipment Name

      全自動硅片上料機  Automatic Wafer Loader

      設備型號 Equipment Model


      設備用途 Equipment Application

      ZP-Ⅲ :
      Load the stacked wafers into cassette and transport the cassette to next process step automatically.

      Load the wafers in the cassette to the 5-lane/8-lane/10-lane inline cleaning equipment automatically.

      技術特點  Features


      1. 采用PLC控制,上片過程全自動完成;觸摸屏菜單操作,簡單明了。
      With PLC control and the loading process is completed automatically; Touch-screen operation, which is easy and clear.

      2. 裝片采用雙工位模式,提高了工作效率。
      With double workstations improve the working efficiency.

      3. 具有雙片檢測、上料位有無硅片檢測、片盒定位檢測等功能。
      With overlapping detection, loading station with/ without wafer detection, cassette positioning and monitoring fuction etc.

      4. 在線式/離線式可選。
      Inline/Offline optional.

      5. 匹配AGV, RFID,MES 管理功能。
      Compatible with AGV, RFID, MES function.


      1. 采用PLC控制,上片過程全自動完成,觸摸屏菜單操作,簡單明了。
      With PLC control and the loading process is completed automatically,Touch-screen operation, which is easy and clear.

      2. 采用單道上片方式,保證上片生産率,同時滿⾜硅片按批次生産的要求。
      With single lane loading/unloading method which guarantees the loading/unloading productivity and meets the requirement of the wafer production according to batches as well.

      3. 采用雙工位操作換片籃不停機。
      Double workstation, exchanging magazine/cassette no need to interrupt equipment operation.

      4. 可對硅片進入下片機前進行破片檢測和破片處理。(此功能客戶需另外訂購,標准機無此功能)。
      Wafer breakage detection and broken wafer treatment before transfering to the unloader (need extra charges, standard equipment without this configuration).

      5. 匹配AGV,RFID,MES管理功能。
      Compatible with AGV, RFID, MES function. 

      設備參數  Parameters

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